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TRIMARK UNIVERSITY HOUSING, LLC 800 N. E. 42nd Street Seattle, WA 98105 Leasing Office: (206) 972-0786 lease uw-housing.com COSIGNER FORM Building Name: Unit #: Total Rent Amount: $ PLEASE USE PEN
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Welcome to the University of Colorado - Boulder's Kittredge community. The Kittredge community is a tight-knit community where academics, sports, and living activities intermingle, providing a rich on campus living experience. The residence halls at Kittredge have all the amenities you need. Some of the amenities include: WIFI, cable TV, a UPS Store, Buff OneCard access and laundry facilities. Here are some other amenities that Kittredge provides I really like the layout of the rooms because it makes like you and your roommate there kinda like separated which is nice because once you're in college you appreciate a little bit of space. My room has everything I need, it has a desk so that I can study, it has a fridge so I can get a quick snack and it's very spacious and I absolutely love living here. Moving here in Buckingham, everyone was so welcoming and I feel at home I firstly didn't get home-sick at all, so it's pretty awesome. CU - Boulder has a large selection of rooms to choose from, so you'll always find one perfect for you In addition to Kitt's living spaces there are several rooms dedicated to learning and studying. Kittredge has a variety of Residential Academic Programs, or RAPs that seamlessly incorporate academic opportunities within the residence halls. Kitt's RAPs provide in-hall class sessions taught by full-time faculty in these required, seminar style classes, students are able to participate in co-curricular activities, that reinforce the academic theme of their RAP. Kitt also has an Academic Support Assistance Program, known as ASAP. The ASAP office is there to help students within the hall by offering free tutoring in specific courses. It also provides drop-ins and group sessions. It is another great in-hall academic resource to students living on campus. After our RAP classes my friends and I head over to the C4C for some great food. The food is delicious at the C4C and there's so much to choose from. The C4C also serves specialty menu items regularly with several different venues to choose from. My personal favorite is the Latin section. Here you can create your own burrito, burrito bowl, or even a quesadilla. For something a little bit closer to home, there's The Hub at Kittredge Central. This is a really convenient place to grab a sandwich, espresso drinks, fresh baked cookies, or one of the many retail market items. The Hub is also a great place to just hang out. There are nice areas to sit and study or to meet up and chat with friends. There are lots of other great places to hang out around Kitt too. Places like the WeatherTech Café, Kittredge Ponds, and the intramural fields where you can play football, frisbee, soccer or just sit out in the sun. And, if you are looking for a stellar light performance stop by the planetarium next door to Kittredge for an amazing show The WeatherTech is really great at night because it has food until 2AM, which is really awesome and there's couches and a fireplace, which I miss from...